10 Killer Tips To Keep Your Blog Readers Extremely Engaged [Updated]

According to the recent survey…

…blog posts with lesser bounce rate tend to appear higher in Google’s search results.

So, If you are trying to rank high in search results then,

it’s so very important to make people stick around and get engaged with your content.


Here’s a fact that you need to know about your blog readers,

blog readers max convincing time But before that, can you see Rock is shocked for something?

So, why is he shocked?

Let’s find out.Aren’t you curious? let’s see the answer:

When people visit your website you hardly have 2-3 seconds to make them stick around.

If you can’t impress them in those 2-3 seconds then, you are bound to lose those visitors in short time.

But it’s not just enough to gain your visitors attention at the beginning.

You should do something special so that they get motivated to read the entire article and much more.

So, the final question looks something like this:

  1. How to make visitors stick to my content in first 2-3 seconds? and afterward?

In this article, let’s learn few killer techniques used by professional bloggers to engage blog readers.

You will notice that we found an answer to the above question by the time we end this article.

8 Killer Tips To Keep Your Blog Readers Engaged

Let me ask you this, think you are visiting a site for some information:

then, what is that first thing which grabs your attention and makes you read the entire post?

What do you think the answer is? is it,

  • Post Title
  • Introduction to the post
  • Blog design

or is it something else?

A recent survey on the same topic unveiled that:

Whenever a visitor visits your website the first thing that he/she expects is a well-designed blog post.

So, here I will share few killer tips to develop the best blog post that people love.

When it comes to designing the best blog post, one should concentrate on these three sections of your post:

Let’s discover how to create best layouts for introduction, body, and conclusion.

Firstly, let’s see how to design the best Introduction to your blog post.

Using APP Formula To Design Best Intro

Whenever people visit your website the first thing they will see is your post intro.

If you can’t convince them to stick around, then visitors are most likely to hit the back button.

So, in order to convince them to stay on page more time, I recommend you to use the most popular technique:

The APP Formula.

Brian Dean from Backlinko.com explains that this method had helped him to make blog readers spend more time on his site.

So, now let’s see what this APP formula is and how to use this technique.

As you can see APP stands for Agree, Promise, and Preview.

But What are they?how to use them?…

Don’t worry I’m gonna break down these 3 elements and explain you with an example.

1.Know What Visitor Is Searching For And Agree For It

Whenever people visit your site after searching for a keyword,

Firstly you should tell your visitors that you understand their problem and have a solution in this post.This is what makes visitors dig into your post.

This is what makes visitors dig into your post.

You can tell people that you understand their problem in the Agree section as shown below:

where I wrote an article about the SEO guide for beginners.

You can see me talking about ranking high on search results here.

Anyone trying to improve their SEO and engage blog readers can relate this to their problem.

2.Promise Your Visitor That There is Ton Of value In Your Post

Once you agree with your visitor problem now it’s time to promise that they get the answer for their question from your post.


Hit them with something amazing, that makes your blog readers feel the post have a ton of value.

Make sure you promise to deliver something great to your blog readers.

You can see how I promised in the same article I mentioned above, here:

Although there are many factors that decide page rank, I’ve picked what’s most relevant to my blog post.That is SEO.

You can see me saying just by improving your SEO your can outstand in search results.

3.Finally, Hit Them With The Preview

Writing a preview is the easiest part and important of all.

You need not beat around the bush here…

…you just need to tell your visitor about the value that they gain from reading your post.

Have a look at the preview I wrote for the same article mentioned above:


Make sure you say something great about the article, which should make your blog readers to read through your article.

So, now we are done with the introduction section let’s move on to the body of the post.

Creating The Body Of Well-formatted Blog Posts

Although Introduction sections grab visitor’s attention they can’t make them spend a long time on your web page.

Then what does?

Answer: A well-formatted blog post body.

So in this section, I will share few popular techniques used by experts to make their site and post more attractive.

4.People Love To Read The Content From Well Designed Layout

Yes, it’s true.People don’t like the content which is scattered all over the page.

Today most of the popular blogs have one thing in common: Post area with constrained column width.

If you are wondering what am I talking about then here I explain:

Tell me which one of the above screenshot would you prefer to read the content from?

If you are like most of the others then you will select the second screenshot.

Reason: Wide columns of text are an instant turn off and very hard to read.

So, consider restricting your column width to a maximum size of 70 characters(inclusive of empty spaces).

 5.Trick To Keep Visitors Engaged With Your Content.

High-Quality content is a must, High-Quality content is a must…

…If you are not a newbie here, then I think you have come across this saying few hundred times.

Although the Quality content is a must, there is something extra I would like to share with you.

Most of the people are just spending their time in developing quality content but they fail to give good structure for that post.

So, here are few tips that one should consider while providing a good structure for your post.

  1. Divide Your Content Into Easy Readable chunks.
  2. Use Attention Grabbers In your post title and sub-headings.
  3. Try using different colors for sub-headings.

Most people don’t like to read those posts which have more than 20 words in a paragraph.

So, it’s a good practice to break down your posts into subparts and those subparts to smaller paragraph.

But that’s not enough.well-formatted blog posts should also include special keywords, which I call Attention grabbers.

I recommend you to check out this post to learn how to create best headings using attention grabbers.

Specific colors tend to stir certain emotions in customers, thus creating brand relevance and motivating purchases.

So, Lastly…

…I recommend you to use some other colors for your sub-headings instead of default black color.

6.Make Your Content Visually appealing

Although few bloggers work so hard in producing the best content:

They complain that they are getting very few shares.

Wondering why?

I think Rock had got the answer.

Including images in the post is one of the best ways to engage blog readers and make them spend more time on your page.

According to Jeff Bullas, articles with images get 94% more total views than articles without images.

The best part about including images in your post is that you can make people remember your content for the longer time.

So, try using charts, graphs or even screenshots to make your content more readable.

But don’t just stuff the images into your blog.

At least include 1 image for every 250 words in your blog post and never forget to invest in good web design.

7.Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Initially, web pages were solely created for the purpose to run on desktops.

But as time progressed more and more people started surfing the web using their smartphones and tablets.

According to the figures given by Hosting facts,

There are more mobile Internet users than desktop Internet users.

There are 3.5 billion global mobile Internet users as at August 2017.

If you want more conversions and less bounce rate, it is a must to have a mobile-friendly website.

In this year of 2017, having a mobile-friendly website will be extremely important compared to 2015 as Google is using mobile-friendly sites as a ranking factor.

This means that if you do not have a mobile version of your site, you will be missing the Google ranking.

8.Use The Art Of Story Telling

As we all know stories connect deeply with our memories,

so the content which uses storytelling will also be memorable and will be remembered by your blog readers for a long time.

Wondering how to add stories to your blog posts?

It’s simple.Every pro blogger who uses this technique will use the same blueprint while telling the story.

Most stories today will have three parts:

  • Sketching what the problem is
  • a middle part showing how the problem was solved
  • a final part explaining how this technique is better than the routine one.

I highly recommend you to go through this article to learn how storytelling can change your blog readers engagement on your site.

9.Use Screenshots To Engage Blog Readers

Screenshots are perhaps the easiest way of adding visual content.

Speaking of readers engagement, screenshots actually help me to attract the readers. I always collect and gather screenshot.

Why do you think my visitors love screenshots?

According to a recent survey:

People say that they are more convinced with any data if you show them the proof.

This is where the use of screenshot become handy.

If you regularly visit the blogs of top bloggers and influencers, you’ll notice that almost all of them use screenshots in their blog posts,

because this strategy helps them to explain things in more detailed manner…

10.Finally, Work On Page Load Speed

What do you think?

Will boosting page load speed boost customer engagement on your site?

Let’s find out.

According to surveys done by Akamai and Gomez.com,

Nearly half of web users expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less, and they tend to abandon a site that isn’t loaded within 3 seconds.

In fact, a one-second delay in page load time has been shown to cause an 11 percent fewer page views.

So, what are still waiting for? do yourself a favor and try increasing the page load speed.

I highly recommend you to go through this post to know more about improving page load time.

Final Words

I have tried presenting the best tips to engage your blog readers here.

I hope you like the post.Let me know how much you liked this articles through comments.

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  1. Oh wow. I agree! For readers to stay longer, good content and great graphics do the trick! Also, in my own personal experience, I tend to leave a blog when it loads very slowly. It helps to have a fast load speed! It really makes people like me decide whether or not a post from that blog is worthy of my time. 😀

    p.s. I really like your graphics, Hemanth!

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