How bad is the effect of headlights on automobile drivers [updated]

How bad is the effect of headlights on automobile drivers [updated]

Do you like driving car or bike? or do you like sitting in the front seat of the car? If yes this article is the must-read article for you.

Since the beginning of the time, people always wanted to travel around the world. From horses to modern cars, inventions have always allowed for safer and faster travel.

There was a time when it used to take 10 days to travel from Los Angles to Colorado on barefoot.

There was no way that a man could travel this long easily until the ultimate invention: An Automobile.

In 1769 the first steam-powered automobile capable of human transportation was built by Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot.

But, it was Karl Benz who patented world’s first Motorcar in 1885 and is considered the first practical automobile. Later Henry Ford went on to create world’s first Modern car.


He introduced features like Headlights, Horns, Pedal controls and much more.

From its humble origins, the headlight has evolved from what was considered an accessory of the 1900’s to a necessity in today’s transportation markets and family road trips.

We just can’t imagine the commute after sunset without headlights.

But, there’s a problem here:

With people driving long hours after sunset with headlights on, is causing a potential harm to humans.

Why are headlights bad for humans?

Conventional headlights that we use today have incandescent light(halogen) bulbs.

Incandescent sources generally provide high color fidelity and visual comfort but grade low on energy efficiency. Hence they are being replaced by LED and HID lights.

Xenon-HID(High-intensity discharge) headlights project light farther down roads, improving their owner’s driving safety by increasing the time available for reaction to potential problems.

But they also introduce the problem into the opponent driver’s eye by causing:

blinding disability glare, increased scattering, fogging and obscuring vision and last not but least causing undesired, avoidable chromatic aberration:

Glare is proportional to headlamp brightness, however, so increasing headlamp brightness also increases potential glare for oncoming drivers, particularly on curving two-lane roads.

This problem is worse for older drivers because of their increased intraocular light scattering,…

…glare sensitivity, and photostress recovery time. An analysis of automobile headlights, intraocular stray light

…glare and night driving shows that brightness rather than blueness is the primary reason for the visual problems that HID headlights can cause for older drivers who confront them.

Effects from headlights: I’m not done yet!!

If you think human eye is the only one suffering from the high beam headlights? that’s not true.

That was the just the beginning, here’s the real problem:

Besides the effect on the physical eye, there are more important neurological effects that happen between the eye and the brain.

These explanations are best left to the experts.

Professor Peter Heilig explains the phenomena of how Inattentional Blindness, Capacitive Dysfunction of Working Memory and Visual Short-Term Memory etc.

can permit a driver to overlook a child on a pedestrian crossing in clear graphic detail in Impaired Perception in Driving and Sport.

So, now the question is:

Is there no end for this? Can’t we drive safe at night?

Yes, the end is near. All giant automobile manufacturers are implementing a new tech to reduce the effects that a headlight can cause on opposite driver.

Wondering what that new technology is? Here it is Laser headlights with auto dimming.

This laser technology is about to revolutionize the headlights family. Best part: It won’t be causing any glaring or mental problems for humans.

But let’s not be too naive.

We all know Laser headlight is an awesome piece of tech but it is also expensive. This makes it nearly impossible to include this tech in mid-range cars.

So, even if you own a car with all these advanced features you can’t expect the same from the car that drives opposite to you.

But, there’s still a way to make it possible:

Government. Yes, the government should intervene in this matter and should make it compulsory to have headlights that could perform precise auto dimming.

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