How to fix 502 Bad Gateway Error in 2 minutes [Updated]

How to fix 502 Bad Gateway Error in 2 minutes [Updated]

How awesome it is to have a website which loads in no time, which in turn provides a great user experience and good Google rankings.

But every time things won’t go as we expected. Isn’t it?

So comes these WordPress errors. If you don’t keep checking on them regularly they can totally ruin your brand value in the open market.

So, here I planned to discuss a quick fix for one of these recurring WordPress errors, 502 Bad Gateway error.

Let’s now start with a question:

What is 502 Bad Gateway error?

Technically speaking: 502 Bad gateway error is a generic error message, given when the server was acting as a gateway or proxy and received an invalid response from the upstream server.

What it really means is:

When a client tries to access a webpage of your website usually requests won’t be answered directly by your server, in fact, there will be a chain of servers which plays a vital role in delivering client the webpage they request for.

Among these chain of servers if a server gets an invalid response from the upstream server it results in 502 bad gateway error.

502 bad gateway error

So since we know what’s the reason for 502 bad gateway error let’s try to find the fix for 502 bad gateway wordpress error.

Quick fixes for 502 Bad Gateway error

1. Refresh the webpage:  If a website is overloaded then just refreshing the webpage/ hitting f5 or ctrl f5 on your keyboard should fix the error.

Although the 502 bad gateway error is a server-side issue, it could be temporary error and could have been caused due to overloading, so refreshing the page will often be successful.

2. Clear website cache: Usually, browsers cache the web pages to showcase them to the client when they are offline.

So there are possibilities that your browser had cached the error page as a standard page for the website. Just try clearing your browser cookies and try refreshing the webpage.

3. Clear website cookie: Cookie usually contains a bit of information about the user. Clearing them might work out well too.

Make sure you remove the cookies of the website from which you are getting a 502 bad gateway error. Don’t try clearing all the cookies because you might lose important information which you haven’t saved.

4. Wait for a moment: You might be getting these 502 bad gateway error because of some PHP errors on server side. So, you can wait until these errors are fixed.

An average user waits around 3-5 minutes to get the problem resolved. People won’t wait for any time longer than 3-5 minutes they will just move on.

5. Start new session: Try closing all the current tabs and open the browser once again. Then try loading the webpage, it should work.

If it works then the problem wasn’t with the server but it was with your computer and that occurred sometime during this use of your browser.

6. Try different browser: There are possibilities that the 502 error you’re encountering is because of your naive browser.

Try opening the webpage with a different browser. If this technique works then you know the previous browser was the source of your problem. You can just reinstall the browser to get the things right.

7. Use proxy server: You can try accessing the webpage from the proxy server to know if it is your IP address which is causing the problem.

If you are using Chrome just add this extension and then try accessing the same webpage. If you didn’t encounter any error then the server might have blocked your IP address. Try contacting website owner to resolve the issue.

8. Restart everything: Try restarting your computer and your networking equipments like modem and routers.

Some temporary issues with your computer, modem or routers might be the reason for 502 bad gateway error. Restarting them might fix the problem.

9. Try reporting in forums: Usually, all top websites will have the forums, you can check if people are reporting the same problem that you are encountering.

Since these forums are maintained by the naive website staff they might notice the responses and then they might take actions to fix the error.

10. Flush your DNS: The last thing that you wanna do is to flush your DNS, which contains all the IP address of the sites you frequently visit.

Here’s how to flush all your DNS entries and fix the 502 bad gateway error the easy way.

Wrap Up

I hope one of the above techniques helped you solve the 502 bad gateway error. Don’t mind dropping your comments in the comments section.

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