What is 500 Internal Server Error and how to fix it [Quickly]

What is 500 Internal Server Error and how to fix it [Quickly]

Hey guys, let me guess why you’re here:

You just tried logging into your WordPress dashboard and it said HTTP 500 error and I’m pretty sure that you’re tensed by now.

But let me tell you this: I can guarantee you that by the end of this article you will be able to fix the problem and get back the access to your WordPress dashboard.

So, let’s just dive in and see how it’s done. Firstly let’s understand:

What is 500 Internal Server Error

Technically speaking: 500 Internal server error is a generic error message, given by a server when an unexpected condition was encountered and no more specific message is suitable.

What does it really mean?

The displayed error says that something had gone wrong on the server side, but the server could not be more specific on what the exact problem is.

The main problem with this error is we won’t get to know what’s the cause for the error and there are a lot of possibilities which might be causing this error.

Let’s now go on understanding what those errors are and what are the easy fixes for those errors in this section.


Make sure you back up your entire site data before continuing further because if you mess up something then you might have to spend a lot for recovering the stuff.

Before we really start hunting for a reason which might have caused a 500 error let’s see:

HTTP 500 internal server error

The above infographic will cover all the causes of entire HTTP 500 error PHP section.

More specific information about the cause of a particular HTTP 500 error is often provided when it occurs on a server using Microsoft IIS software.

Since we know all the reasons which might have caused an HTTP 500 error msg, let’s try to fix ’em real quick.

1. Fixing the problems caused by a corrupt plugin or a theme

Firstly, let me ask you this: Do you remember adding any new themes or plugins before which your WordPress worked correctly?

Don’t remember?

No problem. But if you think the problem had started after adding a new plugin or a theme, then we almost caught the error.

A corrupt plugin will be the reason for the error is most of the cases.

So, since we know where the error is originating from let’s see:

A quick solution for 500 Internal server error.

Step 1: Firstly login to your c-panel

Step 2: Go to File Manager

Step 3: Then you will get all root files from your website. Click on Public_html >> wp-content >> plugins.

Then right-click on the plugin which you think is causing the problem, then rename it to something. Renaming the plugin will prevent WordPress from accessing the plugin.

So, eventually,…

…you are just making a corrupt plugin not accessible for WordPress and this might fix the error in 9/10 times.

2. I’ve just talked about plugins, you can do the same for themes too.

3. Repairing corrupt .htaccess file

If your site is down the first thing that you search for is a corrupt .htaccess file. Just renaming this .htaccess might fix the problem that you are facing currently.

So, to check whether your .htaccess is causing the problem, just log in to your c-panel and rename a .htaccess file to anything.

Searching where’s .htaccess file?

Chill. Here’s how to access a .htaccess file. Firstly login to your c-panel then open the File manager >> Public_html >> wp-admin >> .htaccess

Once you find this file just rename the file to something different.

Then go refresh your WordPress dashboard, if it’s working then you just need to do a small task to complete this step.

In your WordPress dashboard go to settings >> permalinks and then hit enter. Now I can say your site is fully recovered from the error.

4. Increasing PHP memory limit

Are you stuck in a situation where you can access your website but not the admin area?

If yes, this step might help you fix the error. Just open your notepad and type in memory=64MB/128MB and then save it as php.ini

Then login to your c-panel and go to the File manager. Now, go to public_html >> wp-admin then upload php.ini  file to your wp-admin folder.

After the upload is finished go check your website. If it’s working then that’s great else you gotta try contacting your hosting provider.

5. Contact your hosting provider

So, if none of the above methods worked for you then there might be some issue with the hosting provider itself.

To, resolve the issue just contact your hosting provider and explain the issue. Basically, there are two reasons which might have caused this error.

  1. Your hosting provider might be working on resolving some issue with the server.
  2. You might be getting more traffic than the maximum limit of your hosting plan.

Just contact your hosting provider they will let you know what exactly the problem is.

Wrap Up

I hope one of the above methods helped you solve HTTP 500 error in WordPress. Not to mention WordPress isn’t the only space where you might get these 500 internal server errors.

You might have heard of 500 internal server error youtube, HTTP 500 error Facebook. If you haven’t, these errors do exist and can be fixed easily.

I hope you enjoyed the article. Have a nice day.

Please do share your thoughts through about this article through comments.

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