15 Great On-Page SEO Techniques To Rank High (2018 Update)

15 Great On-Page SEO Techniques To Rank High (2018 Update)

I think you will agree with me if I say:

SEO optimized posts tend to rank high in search results when compared those unoptimized posts.

But, the question is:

How to optimize the website or blog posts for better search engines rankings?

Well, when it comes to optimizing a website or a blog post, there are two main factors that come into play.They are:

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO

Today, I’m going to discuss the on-page SEO techniques which will help you to increase your rank in search results in 2018.

Before I start with the techniques, let’s see:

What is On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO is the process of optimizing websites or blog posts in order to increase a site’s ranking in search results.

on page seo

It includes all measures that can be taken directly within the website, like optimizing metadata, optimizing site’s performance,etc.,

I hope you have basic knowledge of SEO.If you are a beginner I recommend you to check Complete SEO guide for beginners.

So, let’s directly dive into On-page SEO techniques, that you can try on your site today.

15 On Page SEO Techniques To Rank High In Search Results.

Because it takes a lot of effort and time to search the best techniques, I have integrated all those must use on-page SEO techniques here.

Here are the best SEO benefits that one can obtain after using the below-mentioned SEO techniques.

1.Let Your Title Start With Target Keyword.

Including your target keyword in the post title is a good SEO practice.

But, Search engines like Google give more value to those post titles, which starts with the target keyword.Here I have started my Post title with my target keyword “SEO”.

But, it is not a compulsion to start your title with your target keyword.But you can try moving it closer to the beginning of the post title.

2.Use AG(Attention Grabbers) In Your Post Title.

In most of the search results, what people see is a small snippet of your post and not your entire post.

on page seo

If you fail to draw their attention and get clicks on that snippet, then you will lose them for good.

So, even if you have a great content in your post, all that matters is how good you design the snippet.Since, the post title is highlighted in the snippet, work on designing the best one.

So, how to design the best post title?

Here’s the deal:

Include Attention Grabbers in your title.Examples for Attention Grabbers are “Top 10″,”Best”,”quick”,”free”,”step-by-step”,etc.,

3.Design SEO friendly URL Structure.

Avoid ugly URL’s: niftyslash.com/h=12jk?9

Use SEO friendly URL’s: niftyslash.com/seo

So, why does this matter?

on page seo techniques

In the second URL that mentioned above, contains the keyword “SEO”.So, when someone searches for that keyword my post will be highlighted.

This makes easier for search engines to choose the best match for the search.

4.Keyword Density Matters.

Back in time keyword stuffing could have increased your page rank.But that doesn’t happen anymore.

Modern day search engines use smart algorithms to understand your post and take a decision whether your post is the suitable match for the search or not.

They also penalize the sites which are caught, keyword stuffing.

Is there an ideal keyword density that avoids you from getting your site penalized?

Hear it out from Matt Cutts, former head of the webspam team at Google.

5.Target Keyword In Your Headings.

I hope you will include your focus keyword in the post title.

But, Web crawlers put extra weight if they find the focus keyword in your heading tags in your post.

Also, make sure the keywords and formatting you use throughout your headings are consistent.

Google bots are most likely to like your content if you include your focus at-least in one of the headings.

But make it a habit not to include your focus keyword in all the heading tags.

6.Try Including Your Keyword In First 150 Words.

Search engines like Google.gives more weight-age to those posts in which the keyword appears at the beginning of the post.

on page seo techniques

So, Instead of writing some long intro about the content make sure you keep it short and drop your focus keyword in first 150 words.

In the below-mentioned post, I did drop my keyword “SEO” in the beginning itself.

On-page seo

Including the keyword within first 150 words, makes it easier for search engines to understand about your page and rank your page high.

7.Use Synonyms And LSI Keywords.

Google doesn’t just rank you high if your post has good usage of focus keyword.

Then, What is Google in search of?

Google also checks whether you have included synonyms and LSI keywords of your target keyword.

We all know, what synonyms are, but LSI keyword is less known since it is a technical word.

You can find LSI keywords for your focus keyword, by doing a Google search for your keyword and then by scrolling down to the bottom of the page, where you will find “Search related to ….” section.

All those keywords in this section are LSI keywords.

Pick few from here and try including them in your post.

8.Meta Description As On-Page SEO Technique.

It is worth spending time on designing meta description for your blog post.

Wondering, How does this help me?

Answer: Since, this description tells people, what is your page about and well-designed meta description might increase CTR.

I think Matt Cutts will explain the importance of designing the meta tags in the following video.Check it out.

I hope you learned the importance of meta tags from this video.

9.Well Optimized Site.

If you are doing On-page SEO you are bound to optimize your site for better user experience.

According to a recent survey, about 90% of visitors expect a website to load in less than 3 seconds.

on page seo techniquesSo, consider optimizing CSS delivery, minify resources, enable compression and browser caching,etc.,

If you want a complete guide to optimize your site for high performance, check out these 10 ways to speed up your website.

Along with these major fixes, I recommend you to spend time on designing good looking site, which can boost your visitor’s engagement on your site.

10.Make Link Building A Priority.

If some site is ranking at the top of search results, then that site is bound to contain a lot of high-quality backlinks to it.

If you ask me the reason why I sad lot of backlinks, I can answer.

The reason why I said that is because, while ranking a site, Google gives number one priority to backlinks.

On-page seo

So I hope you got the key factor to increase your page rank, link building.

I highly recommend you to go through this post, about link building techniques and build high-quality backlinks.

11.Optimize Images On Your Site.

Having lots of images on your site might slow down the speed at which your web pages loads.

But, I don’t recommend to remove Image in order to fix this problem.

I recommend you to compress and optimize the images.In WordPress, we have plugins like WPSMUSH which does these jobs in one click.

Along with this, you should make sure enter your target keyword in Alt text.At least for one image in a post.

on page seo techniques

Search engines can get to know about the image only from Alt text.So consider telling search engines what the image is about.

12.Post Lengthy Articles.

Search engines like Google rank long posts in the top of search results.

This is because Google thinks long content will have detailed information than the shorter ones.

To complement the fact,serpIQ conducted a survey and came out saying that long posts tend to rank higher in search results.

Here it is, what they used to support their thought.on page seo techniquesSo, If you are aiming to rank high in search results, try publishing the posts with a word count of 1500.

13.Write Engaging Content.

Creating the engaging content can increase the time spent by visitors in your site.

If people spend more time on your site, that sends the strong message to Google saying that,”this article is informative.so, people spend more time on this site.”

Which, in-turn can increase your rankings in search results.

Google doesn’t only consider the time spent by visitors on your site to rank you high, it also looks into

  1. Returning visitors.
  2. Bounce Rate.

So, when you are doing on page SEO, have an eye for these factors too.

14.XML Sitemaps.

XML sitemap contains the list of all the web pages in your site.

Having an XML sitemap makes it easier for search engines like Google to index your website easily.

on page seo techniques

Although few might not consider adding XML sitemaps as on page SEO technique, if you own a new blog with very less external links then adding an XML sitemap will make it easier for search engines to find your page.

So, consider adding one to your site.In WordPress, Yoast SEO plugin can do this job for its customers.

15.Make Social Sharing Easier.

Today, people spend a lot of time on social media.

The number of people engaging actively in social media is increasing day by day and is expected to continue this trend even in future too.

This is what a recent survey shows about growing popularity of social media.

on page seo techniques

Since, there are billions of people busy in social media, making the post easier to share can boost your post outreach.

So, consider adding social sharing buttons to your site.

On-Page SEO Checklist.

Here is the checklist of all the techniques that I have discussed above.You can check it and make sure you doing SEO correctly.

  1. Start your title with focus keyword.
  2. Use Attention grabbers in your title.
  3. Use SEO friendly URL structure.
  4. Have an eye for keyword density.
  5. Include target keywords in headings.
  6. Include your target keyword within first 150 words.
  7. Use synonyms and LSI keywords.
  8. Concentrate on Meta description.
  9. Well optimized site.
  10. Invest in link building.
  11. Image optimization.
  12. Lengthy posts.
  13. Write engaging content.
  14. Add XML sitemaps.
  15. Make social sharing easier.

I have tried covering most of the on-page SEO techniques in this post.Let me know if you more.

Hope you enjoyed the post.

I think this post helped you understand on-page SEO better.Do leave the comments.

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  2. I must say you have explained well these on-page SEO techniques to increase any website traffic and get higher search ranking. In this fast growing world, SEO techniques always keep changes time to time and the worst part is that you might not even know it. That’s why you always need to stay updated with the latest trends and techniques in SEO. Search Engine algorithm being updated every minute, it is hard to know for an SEO company or individual which techniques still working.

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