Secret Of Creating Catchy Blog Post Titles [Updated]

Do you know how many blogs are on the internet today?

Any guesses? gives a figure of 4,538,982 blogs as of June 2017.

So, why does this number matter?

With these huge number of blogs today, people are exposed to a plethora of content on a daily basis, where you can’t expect them to read everything.

It is then, the post title becomes a deciding factor for them to judge if the content is worth reading or not.

Catchy headlines/titles give you an edge and convince your audience to read and respond to your copy.

Secret Of Creating Great Blog Post Titles [Updated]

So in this article, I’m going to share the step-by-step process to write great blog post titles for your upcoming posts.

But the question is:

Is it really worth investing in Catchy titles?

On average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will click on your article.

Your title is the first impression you get to make to your readers.

Especially when you are trying to build a brand, then title plays a vital role.

Joanna Wiebe from copy hackers says:

The opportunity to sell something – or build a relationship – or both – starts and stops with your landing page headline.” 

A powerful heading has the potential of converting a visitors to a reader and then probably to a buyer/subscriber.

So it’s worth investing your time in developing catchy post titles in your blog.

So, our team had spent ample amount of time analyzing few thousands of blog post titles and gathering ideas from professional bloggers,

we put all the research work in this article to give you the best guide in designing great blog post titles.

But before that firstly let’s have a look at the contents of this article:

write catchy post titles

Chapter 1

Secret Blueprint To Create Catchy Titles 

There are basically 3 factors that every professional blogger takes into account while creating the blog post title:

  1. Accurate placements of special keywords
  2. Analyze search results and adds
  3. Discover what’s ideal title length

You can jump into any section by clicking on the above links.

1.Accurate Placements Of Power Words And Numbers

Integrating Power words and numbers(specific numbers and keywords)

…into your post title is an effective way to make your title more interesting for readers.


Did we discuss what are these power words and numbers are?

I guess no.

Worry not, scroll down to find those amazing enticing words and numbers which make your post title great.

Power Words: These are the special words which when included in titles will make a strong impact on people’s mind.

Wondering where to find those powerful words from? Chill I did all the hard-work for you.

This is the list containing all the important power words:

That’s not all:

Power Numbers: Along with the power words, there are special numbers which make people click on your post title.

BuzzSumo recently came out saying that they have found few numbers which when included in titles, can increase the social shares.

So now we know what power words and numbers are, we can go to next important step:

Accurate placements of these power characters.

There are 5 rules which are to be followed to write great blog post titles.They are:

  1. Start with a number which suits your article.
  2. Continue with using at-least one enticing word.
  3. Describe what topic you are going to speak about.
  4. Promise the benefit out of the article.
  5. End the title by using one more enticing character.

Check out this example where I have followed all the rules and created a blog post title:

write catchy post titles

It is not a compulsion to follow all the rules I mentioned above.But by following most of them you can create great blog post titles.

So, by now I hope you have learned how to create great post titles for your next blog posts.But wait:

That’s not all…

I have 1 more trick left in my bag and want to share it with you.i.e.,

2.Analyze From Search Results And Ads

Want to develop post titles which can help your post rank higher?

Then you will love this technique.

In this technique, we will basically analyze the post titles from search results and then we will use those results to create a blog post title.

Wondering how?

It’s simple: Firstly search the focus keyword for which you want to rank for, in Google search bar.

In this example, I have used SEO Guide as a focus keyword and got these search results.

From the above pic, we can see that top 5 ranking posts have used a similar keyword(Underlined).

So try using these kinds of keywords in your post titles.

That’s not all:

Few a times you just don’t get search results.Along with search results, you will also see few ads at the top of search results.

You can try grabbing few key-words from those ads and using them in your post title.

Now we will jump to next section:

3.Discover What’s Ideal Length Of The Title

If a blog post title is too long then there are chances that post titles get lost under a pile of thousands of other creative blog post names.

This is because of the failure to engage the user by using generic keywords and making it too long.

Ok then what’s the ideal title length?

According to Jeff Bullas, you should…

..try keeping your blog post titles less than 50 characters because Google invariably cuts out titles greater than 50 characters.

Chapter 2

Best Tools Available 

I know it is not easy to come up with the great blog post title every now and then.

So let’s try getting help from other sources for free.

In this section, you will get to know about the free tools which can help you create great blog post titles.

I recommend you to bookmark these sites and use them frequently while creating a new blog post.

Ultimate Tools To Create Great Post Titles

1.Blog Topic Generator From HubSpot

HubSpot is one of the popular tools to generate blog post ideas based on the input keywords.

You should input three different nouns then the tool will return back five blog topic ideas that will get those creative juices flowing.

The tool also generates blog topic ideas to help you break free of that writer’s block.

2.Use Inbound Now’s blog title generator

Inbound Now Blog Title Generator claims that it generates “SEO friendly blog post titles and kill writer’s block”.

You can see tons of blog title’s showing up-on clicking that click to Generate Another Title Idea button.

3.Discover Your Title’s Engagement Using Share Through

This is the very new tool in the market which lets you analyze the headline’s engagement.

This tool also scales your post title from 1-100.

The best part about this tool is, it lists the improvements that are necessary for your headline in suggestions column.

4.Create Best Titles With Impact

Impact Blog Title Generator has an easy-to-use layout and lets you key in the topic and generates the post title based on that keyword.

This tool can generate fresh topic ideas irrespective of niche.

5.Portent’s Blog Topic Idea Generator


This generator is so handy to use and it generates ideas which you will be compelled to use in your blog posts. Simply add the keyword, and hit “Enter”.

Simply add your post topic and hit “Enter”.

If you want still more titles you can keep hitting the refresh button to generate more title ideas.

Chapter 3

Takeaway From The Article

Today Blog post title had become a marketing tool on its own.

Because of its appearance in search results, links and on social media, you have great opportunity to attract people to your website using catchy post titles.

This is why it is important to spend some quality time developing your blog post title.

I have tried covering all the concepts related to developing great post titles.

I hope you like the post.Let me know how much you liked this articles through comments.

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