Step-By-Step Guide To Start A WordPress Blog In 2017

start-a-blogIf you are in search of the best guide to start a blog then:

Consider yourself lucky because in this post you will get much more than that.

well, it turns out starting today will be no pain taking, if you follow this guide.We have integrated every concept required to start a blog today with ease.

As I said before, starting a blog is not a difficult task.But, you may think I don’t have any basics about blogging.How do I start a blog?

Don’t worry,this guide is packed with best guide especially for beginners.

Before we start let’s have a look at the contents that I will cover in this post.

start a blog

Before I start explaining, I hope you have already chosen your niche(topic).If not start with choosing the niche of your interest.

Choosing a niche is very much important before you start a blog because you should choose your blog name based on your niche.

If you need some help in choosing niche you can check out this post for any assistance.

3 Simple Steps To Start A Blog.

  • Register your domain name.
  • Choose best web hosting service.
  • Choose the platform to run your site.

I know you are thinking what does domain name, web hosting, Platform means?

Don’t worry I will explain each one of them in detail.

The reason why I am explaining this is, today any one can start a blog by just looking into a guide.But what makes you outshine is when you understand the concepts you can expect good results in long run.

So, let’s dive in and start a blog of your own.

Chapter 1

Register Your Domain Name

This can be considered as a first and important step in starting a blog because you are about to choose your blog name here which can never be changed in future.

So let’s start off by understanding what domain name is:

What Is Domain Name?

A Domain name is a URL that user enters to visit the website or in simple words, it’s just your blog name.

For example, the domain name for my website is can register your domain name that suits your business according to your interest.

Keep in mind that:

You can’t get a domain name that has already been taken by someone else.What I meant was, you can’t get as the domain name for your website because it has been taken by Facebook.

Keep these points in mind while choosing a domain name and boost traffic(number of visitors) to your site.
  • Keep it short and simple.
  • Should be easy to remember.
  • avoid using Underscore, minus, and signs which might be confusing.
  • Suffix matters.I would rather suggest .com over .net or .org because there are many advantages of using .com over others.You can have a look at those advantages here.

So, now you have decided your domain name the next question is,

How to register my domain?which is the best company to register my domain name?

There are many companies through which you can register your domain name to start a blog, But I would prefer GoDaddy over others because of many factorsI have listed below few of the advantages of using Godaddy.

  1. Affordable marketing services.
  2. Dedicated customer supports.
  3. Good security.

So if you are planning to buy domain name from Godaddy here is the step-by-step tutorials for that.Check how to buy a domain through GoDaddy.

So, now you have your own domain name, great.Next we will move to hosting services.

Chapter 2

Choosing Best Web Hosting Service.

Web hosting is very much important to keep a blog running 24/7 throughout the year.Wondering what is Web Hosting? Scroll down and find it out.

web hosting

What is Web hosting?

web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.

Confused?I will explain you in detail.

Suppose you wrote something in Microsoft word and you saved that file.You know that file is saved in your PC and whenever you want, you can turn on your PC and fetch that file.

Think you published same file in your website and if your file is still stored in your PC, then users around the globe should wake you up every time, asking you to turn on your PC and show them the file.

That’s not all…

you should be connected to super-fast internet 24/7 through out the year.Also you should run the PC throughout the year without a break.

You really wanna do that?

I think you said no.

So ,what’s the alternative?

Think of a service where you can store all your website data in one place and which will provide access to your site 24/7 throughout the year.That service will be provided by the Web hosting service providers.

How to buy a Web hosting service?Which is the best company?

There are many companies which are providing web hosting services in low price, but they don’t give a shit about response time, stability and bandwidth, which are important aspects.

After doing a bit of research I found HostGater is best among all.

This is because they provide good plans for beginners ,where the services are far better than other hosting service providers.

The main reason I recommend Hostgator is I personally use it and I found it amazing.

If you planning to buy hosting from hostgator you can refer the tutorial to Setup HostGater web hosting.

So now you have the domain name and web hosting service your site won’t show up in Google if you search for your domain name.Why is it?

That is because you haven’t set Name-servers for your domain.Wondering what are all these.I will explain.

You bought a web hosting service but the web hosting company doesn’t know what is the domain name it should host the services.So we should tell our web hosting service providers about the our Domain name.You can do that by just following this guide.

You are almost done, you are just one step away from making your site running.Scroll down to find that last step.

Chapter 3

Choosing The Best Platform

This is where most new bloggers tend to make mistake.They choose any random platform.Thankfully,you’re here, you won’t committing that mistake.

Firstly, you should know what platform is

What is Platform?

Platform is a interface where you can customize your site, write and publish posts, add themes and many other features to your site.

There are many blogging Platforms available like WordPress,Blogger, Tumblr, Wix, medium etc,.

blogging platform

But WordPress is the best among all with many themes and plugin.Best part is it is 100% free and you can make money without any restrictions.

Also Google loves wordpress blogs because of it’s clean code.

Here is the simple guide to install WordPress to your site.

This is all required to start a blog and keep it running.

But just having a running blog is of no use.Use should start designing and writing posts in your site.So that you attract more traffic.

Chapter 4

Change Your Theme And Write Your First Blog Post.

If you start a blog in wordpress they will give you a basic wordpress theme which you might not like.If you liked that theme you can stick into it or else just scroll down if you are interested in changing the theme.

Firstly, you should login to wordpress and go to your site’s dashboard.

Then click on Apperance>>Themes.Click on Add Themes as shown below.

Then you will get tons of themes, you can check the preview before installing a theme to your website or directly you can click install button shown below.

You can customize your site by clicking on customize option which is below Themes option.

You can change your theme any time after you start a blog.So don’t worry fell free to install best theme for your site.

So, now you are done with designing your site next job is to start writing blog posts.

To write new post, go to Posts>>Add New.Then what you will see is a user friendly editor as shown below.


Source:HeyCode Tech

So let’s break down what you are seeing now:

  1. Title Area: Here you can write your post title.
  2. Content Area: Here you can write the body of the post. You can also add images and other media to your post by just clicking the “Add Media” button.Where you can upload your media files.
  3. Categories: Here you can select the category to which your post should belong to.
  4. Featured Image: Here you can set the featured image for the post.
  5. Publishing Tools: Here you can publish your post by clicking Publish button. You can also schedule to publish the post later.

Congratulations! You just published your first blog post.Continue further reading to discover must know next level WordPress basics.

Chapter 5

Must Know Next Level WordPress Basics.

Now you have a basic knowledge about running your wordpress blog but that isn’t enough if you want more people to visit your site.

Than what does?

Although there are lots of things you need look into.But I will try to cover most important must know topics here.

1.Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

Everyone wants their site to get more traffic.Who doesn’t?

But that isn’t easy you should optimize your posts so that search engines ranks your posts high up in search results so that you get more visitors to your site.


Today there are agencies to provide SEO service to your site, but why do want to pay for them if you can learn complete SEO for free.

I highly recommend you to go through the complete SEO guide.If you are new to SEO than you will love that post for sure.


So, once you are ready to publish the post, then you might think of adding features like contact forms, galleries, sliders, etc, to add all these you need to use WordPress plugins.

wordpress plugin

These plugins are the software’s  which can add new features to your wordpress blog.

There are about 45,000 plugins in wordpress which can make your website more user friendly and atrractive.

I have tried covering majority of the concepts required to start a blog and get it on board.

You can check my other posts if want some more information on blogging topics.I think you liked the post.Hope your blogs ranks one among the popular blogs.Do leave your comments.


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