SwachhCoin: Make money every time you throw away the garbage

There were a ton of ways to destroy the planet. But still, our parents and grandparents choose garbage as the tool. This might be a kid’s sayings sometime after 2100’s.

Every year world produces over 1.5 billion tons of garbage.

That’s more than the weight of 3,000 Burj Khalifa buildings combined. So, you might ask me a question: Why so much garbage?

Simple answer: More people.

The population had grown by about 300% over past 100 years. In addition to this, there is raise of about 50% in people who choose to live in cities.

Not to mention the industrial revolution along with the invention of plastic made the situation worse.

In 1950’s world produced less than 2 million tons of plastic every year and in 2017 it was up to 400 million tons.

It is not that I’m jealous of plastic growth,…

…I’m afraid of bad things that plastic can do to the environment because of its non-degradable nature. If we don’t find a proper disposal method for plastics. Then its an End Game for mankind.

Scariest part: It is estimated that by 2025 we will be producing 2.5 billion tons of garbage every year.

And if you think the same waste management system that we are using today will do, then it’s like we making our own deathbed.

But, it’s not that we haven’t tried.

Many Governments and private organization had attempted and failed to improvise the way we manage the waste. But,

Revolution is about to happen

What if someone comes and ask you for the garbage in exchange for money? Won’t it be awesome? It’s trading garbage for money !!!

Yes, the platform is set. People can now make money from garbage.

Important: This initiative entirely runs on Blockchain. Making it more reliable than any other services.

Introducing: Swachh Foundation.

The foundation that employs new and revolutionary way to dispose the waste and make money out of it. So, you might now ask me:

What is Swachh Foundation?

As they quote, Swachh foundation is a non-profit organization whose primary objective is to dispose the waste in scientific and environment-friendly manner.

Best part: The foundation will pay every time you throw the waste.

This venture will help us get prepared for the apocalypse that we talked initially:  The Waste Apocalypse. 😂


I told you that you’ll get paid every time you throw away the waste. But, you might have these questions regarding the stuff I just mentioned:

  • How is one rewarded for waste disposal? In Dollars? Rupees?
  • Can I start earning by throwing trash anywhere?
  • How will they use the waste effectively?

I’ll answer all the questions and hence I’ll make the concept regarding the SwachhCoin clear to you. But,…

…before that let’s watch a video made by Swachh Foundation:

I hope the video was colorful. But, it doesn’t give much of the insight into the questions that I mentioned earlier. Let’s discuss them now.

To answer all the above mentioned I’ll have to walk you through:

How SwachhCoin works

Firstly, let me tell what SwachhCoin is: I hope you all know what Bitcoin is. It’s cryptocurrency that you can exchange for money.

SwachhCoin is no different. It’s a cryptocurrency that can be traded for real money.

Also. the price of the SwachhCoin is so low that if this organization’s plan work, early investors will make a fortune out of it for sure.

Excited? Let’s see how it works:


Remember we had few questions to answer in the last section? Well, all the answer for those questions is hidden inside the above chart.

I’ll explain the platform through answering those questions that were mentioned earlier:

Question 1: How is one rewarded for waste disposal?

Basically, the SwachhCoin’s platform will be lent to existing waste management Industries.

By, doing that houses in their waste collection network will be rewarded monetarily in Swachh tokens(Cryptocurrency) for responsible waste development.

Question 2: Can I earn from throwing trash everywhere?

No, not until your waste management company adapts this tech, then you can start earning from your side. But their so little that can be done from a common citizen,…

… but, It’ll be a great success if governments start supporting this work.

Question 3: How will this platform use waste effectively?

Swachh Foundation won’t just sit tight and wait for proper disposal of waste: They say.

They’ll be setting up new waste processing industries by partnering with existing ones and lend them the specific tools and technologies to better their capabilities.

I think we have talked enough but there’s one thing I’ve to talk about: the future of this platform

Wait. SwachhCoin is also for investment. Will it be worth? and What’s the Future

If you’re one of those who made a chunk of money from any of the cryptocurrencies recently then this section is going be interesting than anything.

SwachhCoin will make whole of the waste management sector decentralized, autonomous and technically advanced than ever before.

Since the platform is ready to pay, people and government will most likely to ask for this feature in coming days.

So, I’m seeing a huge growth potential for this cryptocurrency in the future crypto market.

How to get more info about SwachhCoin?

They’re active on various social platforms such as facebookTwitterLinkedInBitcointalkTelegramReddit

For further queries, you can visit their website www.swachhcoin.com

Also, you can mail them to info@swachhcoin.com.

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