Using the savings from Tesla car, you can buy a new Tesla [Explained]

Using the savings from Tesla car, you can buy a new Tesla [Explained]

1875, Siegfried Marcus designed world’s first car. But, we don’t celebrate 1875 as the birth year of a car.

This is mainly because Markus’s car was complex, and was a nightmare for drivers.

His car had a hand operated clutch which was supposed to continuously operated in one hand while the other hand had to take care of steering and regulating the fuel mixture with the knob.

Time flew:

It was 1886. Karl Benz came up with a car that was much superior to Markus’s and he made driving easy than ever before.

This led to the birth of modern cars.

And that’s it. Although people were reluctant to the new tech they got used to it over the period of time. And now the car industry is billion dollar business.

All the car makers were happy after watching the trends. But, it was 2003 when they realized they couldn’t celebrate anymore. Reason:

It was birth of Tesla motors

Other competitors wouldn’t have been worried if it was a usual competitor. But Tesla was different. Tesla told that they would redefine the way people drive their cars.

They kept their promise when they launched a fully electric car, Tesla Model S.

Model S wasn’t an ordinary electric car.

Firstly it was completely electric and mainly it was packed with an 85 kWh battery that could deliver the range of 265 miles. Which was never achieved in past.

The best part is the pricing: It never crossed 100,000 US dollars.

Well, these specs might have caused a small heart attack for gasoline car manufacturers. Well, this was a boon for consumers.

But, Tesla consumers aren’t aware of one more advantage they’ve taken home with Tesla cars.

Tesla cars save you so much that you can buy a new Tesla from the savings

Here’s the topic that I promised at the beginning of the article. Basically what I said in the headline is true as steel.

Even I was shocked after running the math.

I’m pretty sure you’ll be too. By the end of the post, you’ll be able to appreciate the savings that Model 3 will make than gas cars.

Let’s start then:

We all grew up with ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) cars. We can use them for the comparison here.

You if you ever owned a car I’m pretty sure you know that one of the biggest expenses in owning any car is the cost to power it. If we say efficiency,…

…Miles per gallon is the easy estimate for gas cars. But what for electrical cars? EPA rates electric cars with MPGe (Miles Per Gallon Equivalent).

Great: Now we got all our tools ready we could start the math.

To start with, let’s consider Lexus GS F as the competitor for Model S as they are almost the same in size and in price.

Let’s math Lexus GS F first:

Lexus GS F gets up to 19 MPG average. So, If you consider buying Lexus GS F and let’s say you’re an American.

Avg American drives 12,000 miles every year with the current gas price of $3.4.

So the math would be ((12,000 miles / 19 MPG)  * $3.4) = $2,147 is all you spend on powering your gas can every year.

So, let’s calculate the same for Tesla Model 3. For this, we gotta use MPGe. MPGe for Tesla Model S is 100. That’s nearly 80 miles more than Lexus GS F.

But there’s a problem: we use electricity to drive Tesla and not gas.

So, we can’t just multiply by gas price. We need something known as the price per kilowatt hour to be multiplied.

We also need to adjust ourselves to miles per kilowatt hour instead of miles per gallon (MPG).

So, let’s get started.

Model S drives 4.717 miles per kilowatt hour of electricity. In Washington Avg, electricity cost is 8.5 cents. So the calculations will be like:

((12,000 miles / 4.717 MPkWh) * 0.0768 dollars) = $195.38 is the cost that you spend to power Model S in a year.

So, effectively you’d be saving $2000 year if you start using Model S over gasoline cars. Wait, I haven’t answered the question yet:

How did you save yourselves to buy a new Tesla Model 3?

Well, it’s time now. I think you’ve guessed it. However, I’ll walk you through.

If you compare the cost to power an gas car to Tesla car you will approximately save $2000 every year.

Math is simple: A new Tesla Model 3 will cost you $35,000.

So, If you drive a gas and a Tesla car for 12 years straight you’ll be left with nothing from a gas car. But, you’ll save around $25,000 after driving a Tesla.

With ICEs, engine maintenance can be a huge money sink, especially as the cars age. Changing the engine oil, coolant, transmission fluid, and belts can add up in value over time.

By comparison, electric cars don’t have internal combustion engines, so these costs disappear.

So, roughly you’ll be saving $400 a year in maintenance costs. So, this adds up to $5000 after 12 years. So, now you’ve saved $30,000 in total after 12 years.

Well, don’t ask me for extra $5000 to buy a Model 3. You gotta do at least that 😉

Isn’t it cool? Let me know through your comments.

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  1. I read all those things. To drive Tesla we need electric charging points but we have very few of them in India. So, When can one expect the suitable environment to drive Tesla cars in India?

    1. Elon Musk told that they are eager to hit the Indian market, but some Government regulations are holding them back. Upon that, in India, there are many startups like Plugindia, Ather and many others who are constantly working to install more electric charging points throughout the nation.

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