A look at Vivo’s under screen fingerprint scanner phone [Exclusive]

I still remember those days when there were rumors saying that:

Apple will definitely launch its next flagship with the fingerprint scanner placed under the screen.

Even famous YouTube vloggers came out with the videos which showcased the same.All this happened in mid-2017, before the launch of iPhone 8 and it’s successor iPhone X.


Apple wasn’t the only one from which people were expecting the under screen fingerprint scanner.

Even few sources from Samsung spoke about inclusion of this feature in Galaxy S8.

But, eventually this happened:

Neither of the above tech giants launched this most expected feature in their flagships.

But the craze for under screen fingerprint hasn’t decreased a bit.

So, whom do you think will launch the World’s first under screen fingerprint scanner?

Is it Apple or Samsung?

If you think one of the above companies will launch this most expected feature, then you are wrong.

Yes.While the above two companies are still planning to incorporate the fingerprint scanner under the screen,

a Chinese company Vivo had already demonstrated this feature in their flagship smartphone.Check it out.

You might wonder that Vivo is a small Chinese company and how could it achieve something which has become a nightmare for tech giants?

Let’s find out the answer:

How Did Vivo Make It While Others Couldn’t?

For the matter of fact, it wasn’t Vivo which developed this under screen fingerprint scanner.

It was Qualcomm which came up with this technology.

Qualcomm has one of the biggest and strong R&D team which made invent this amazing piece of tech.

Since Qualcomm has a strong working relationship with Vivo they are super excited to place their new innovation in Vivo’s hands.

At Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2017, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, announced…

under-screen fingerprint scanner

…next-generation ultrasonic fingerprint solutions which bring new and enhanced features to the previous generation QualcommSnapdragon Sense ID fingerprint technology.

So, What And All To Expect From New Fingerprint Scanner?

Well, it turns out that using the fingerprint scanner under the screen will have more advantages than using them on the screen.Here are few of ’em:

  1. Since the new technology doesn’t require any physical contact and side effect caused by finger dirt, grease or sweat is reduced.
  2. This technology might also help smartphones to go fully bezel-less in future.
  3. Qualcomm showed that this new technology even works underwater, where capacitive fingerprint scanners are basically useless.

But nothing on this planet can be 100% perfect.So, here is one major odd of this technology:

i.e, Since the technology is not fully developed, under screen fingerprint scanners take more time to unlock when compared to traditional scanners.

Can we expect this feature anywhere soon?

By this time you have discovered a lot about the new technology.But the question is when will it be available for public use?

If you are curious to find the answer this question, scroll down.

With Vivo, Qualcomm recently demonstrated this new feature at Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2017.


These fingerprint scanners will begin shipping much sooner, with the under-display version arriving latest, as per the timeline in the image above.

Although we can’t expect this feature anywhere soon, Qualcomm might start shipping this technology by mid-2018.

Once they deliver the technology to Vivo, its Vivo’s work to incorporate them into their smartphones and launch ’em.

Final Words

At the end of the day, I wanna say that, if this feature comes into play it will be a great milestone in the history of smartphone technology ever.

Qualcomm had taken a lead in developing this amazing tech, hope it releases some good products to the market.

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