Amazing ways to Increase Your Website Traffic Today [Free]

Amazing ways to Increase Your Website Traffic Today [Free]

There are many ways to get traffic to a website. But the traffic that you get from search engines will be huge and last longer.

Search engines won’t just send all the traffic to your site at once.

Search engines follow few guidelines to direct traffic to a site and all the sites will not get same traffic from search engines.

So, what are the factors that influence search engines to direct more traffic to your site?

Your page rank is the most important factor to drive traffic to your website.

But how to rank high?

well, it turns out that you can dramatically increase your website traffic by following these steps in writing your post.

In today’s post, I will explain the techniques that you need to use in order to rank your site high up on Google’s first page which in turn increases your website traffic.

You must know,

Google will rank your page based on User experience signals.

Steven Levy says “On the most basic level, Google could see how satisfied users were…. and the best sign of their happiness was the long click.


When people click on your site and stick to your content, that sends a strong message to Google saying that People love the content in your site,…

…so Google thinks of ranking you higher so that more people will be satisfied with the content in your site.

On the contrary, If people don’t like the content on your site they will leave your site in no time, which makes Google drop your page rank.

So, you need to post something unique to draw people’s attention so they stick to your site, which in turn increases your website traffic and page rank. 

So let’s see how to increase your page rank and increase website traffic today:

Must Use 5 Step Process To Increase Traffic To Your Site.

Increasing traffic to a website is all about publishing a great content and making sure that it reaches the influential people in your niche.

So, let’s dive in and discover the steps need to be followed in order to increase traffic to a site.

Step 1: Research Before Proceeding.

Don’t be in a hurry, wait and hit the target.

What’s that?

What I’m telling is, don’t publish your blog posts on random days.

There are particular days of a week, in which if you publish your post there are chances that your post may go viral.

Here is a proof to support my saying:

Also, Before writing an article take your time and research on the topic that you are going to write about.

Check whether the topic is more popular or not. Because it is easy to get traffic if your topic is more popular.

I recommend Google keyword planner for keyword research.

Step 2: Get Keyword Idea From Competitor.

If you know your competitor is ranking for a given keyword, then that will be helpful in choosing a keyword for your upcoming post.

Wondering, how is that possible?


Creating a better, updated content than your competitor can rank you higher in search results.

Me as a beginner I don’t want to spend money on a tool to do all these. So I recommend using free tool Spyfu.

Step 3: Write Quality Content And Get Backlinks.

Publishing a quality content will always grab search engine’s attention.

Even though search engines like Google can’t understand your content, it uses some indirect methods. So, have an eye on these factors.

  1. Backlinks.
  2. Bounce rate.
  3. Repeating visitors.
  4. A total number of chrome bookmarks.

I hope you know, Google gives top priority to backlinks while ranking your site.

So, I recommend you to go through this article about Link Building Techniques, to build high-quality links to your site.

Step 4: Search Engine Optimize your post.

It is no secret that search engines love optimized content.

So, publishing search engine optimized posts can not only increase your search engine rankings but also increase website traffic.


I highly recommend you to go through this article about SEO Techniques and implement those techniques in your site.

Step 5: Get The Word Out.

Publishing great content and waiting for it to rank high in search results, might not actually work, especially if you are a beginner.

This is because the new blogs usually get very few visitors.

So, you have to tell the influential people in your niche about the content.

Also, you should concentrate on making social sharing easy on your site by adding social sharing buttons.

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4 thoughts on “Amazing ways to Increase Your Website Traffic Today [Free]

  1. Hi nicely written and very insightful. I have a travel blog and have been writing since few months. Can you pl suggest how do I increase the followers there?

    1. Thanks.
      While writing a post try giving tips so that people remember them while travelling.Also try posting a featured image in every post so that people love reading your post.

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