Picture Password: Amazing Tech To Unlock Your Windows 10 Device

Picture Password: Amazing Tech To Unlock Your Windows 10 Device

Today people are so tired remembering passwords to unlock their electronic gadgets.

So, few smartphones and laptop companies started using fingerprints and face as unlocking id in their smart devices.

This new unlocking Id’s worked fine with smartphones.

But, people started complaining about the unlocking features in their laptops, especially with Windows 10’s face id recognition system.

So, I thought of sharing the newest and secure unlocking feature in Windows 10.

Wondering what that feature is?

It’s Picture Password from Microsoft.

In addition to the usual password, Windows offers other advanced security features like PIN and Picture Password to protect your PC.

Just like a PIN, a Picture Password can be used as an alternate to sign into your PC or a laptop.

So, now the obvious question is:

What Is Picture Password?

Picture Passwords allows you to sign in by drawing shapes, tapping the right points, or making the right gestures over an image that you choose in advance.

Since this password is stored locally, this is as secure as your PIN or regular password.

Even if you use Picture password, you can always log in using your regular password or PIN as an alternate.

Then, why should one really use picture passwords:

Picture Passwords are simple, fast and secure.

The picture passwords offers a way to sign in that’s easier than remembering and typing a long password,

more friendly to touchscreen devices, and honestly a little more fun in general.

But touchscreen user must take an extra care to wipe their screens regularly so that others won’t trace your passwords.

Ok now you ask me the obvious question:

How To Setup a Picture Password?

Setting up a picture password to your PC isn’t that difficult in Windows 10.

Just follow these simple steps and start using this special feature on your PC or laptop.

Firstly, to start with:

  • Click or tap the Start button.
  • Then Click or tap Settings.
  • Click on Accounts section.

Step 1: Login As Administrator

Click on Sign-in Options section.You will end up getting a page similar to below picture.


I hope you can now see the Picture Password section at the bottom of the page. Click the ‘Add’ tab below the Picture password header.

Now Windows will ask you to enter your regular login password in a pop-up window.This is to make sure that the picture password is added is added by the administrator and nobody else.

This is to make sure that the picture password is added by the administrator and nobody else.

Step 2: Choose A Picture

Enter your password and then click on OK button as shown below.

windows picture password

Now you will be logged in as administrator and you can change the picture of your choice.

Once you’ve chosen the picture, click on the Use this picture button.

Now you’ll have to draw three gestures on the image, which can be a combination of circles, straight lines, and clicks.

Step 3: Draw Gestures Of Your Choice

You should draw and remember 3 gestures of your choice, anywhere on your chosen picture.

I have drawn 2 lines (1 and 2 as shown in picture) and 1 click(3 as in the picture) as shown in the below picture.

There is no hard-and-fast rule to select 2 lines and 1 click. You can choose any combination of your choice.

Now the size, direction, position and the order in which you draw the gestures will become your picture password.

You’ll need to redraw the gestures once again confirm that you have entered all gestures correctly.

You can click on the Start Over button if you have messed up while drawing any gesture and want to rectify it.

Step 4: Confirm And Use New Password

After you are done with confirmation, click on Finish and your new picture password will be activated.

Now as soon as you switch on your PC or as soon as you sign in you can see the picture that you selected before.

Just draw the gestures that you did while configuring the picture password, and you logged in to your PC.

But what if you forgot your Picture Password?

Chill.You can still use your regular password for unlocking if you forgot the gestures.

Wrap Up

This new unlocking technique is as safe as any other unlocking techniques.But you will love this more if you are using a touchscreen device.

However, this unlocking technique is the best pick if you hate remembering passwords.

I hope you like this article.Please do share your thoughts through comments.

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