10 Essential WordPress Maintenance Tasks to perform in 2018

10 Essential WordPress Maintenance Tasks to perform in 2018

Who doesn’t want their WordPress site to perform well?

Everyone wants.

But, many site owners make sure they perform maintenance tasks when they start-a-blog and forget about performing them regularly.

After this article, you will appreciate the importance of performing maintenance tasks on your site.

In this article, I will share 10 crucial maintenance activities to perform for every WordPress site.

Firstly let’s see why these website maintenance activities are important.

Importance Of Maintenance Tasks In WordPress

Every WordPress site owner is most likely to add texts, images, and videos to their site.

Every WordPress site owner is most likely to add texts, images, and videos to their site.

These texts, images, and videos will be stored in your site’s database.

If this data isn’t optimized properly there are chances that your site might compromise its performance.

So, it’s very much important to perform maintenance tasks regularly(once in 2-3 months). Let’s see how you can do these tasks in our upcoming steps.

1.Regularly Update Site-maps

A Sitemap is a list of pages of a website which is accessible to crawlers or users.

An updated Site-map will inform search engines to crawl and index the data if any new content is published on the site.

Every WordPress site owner is most likely to add texts, images, and videos to their site.

So, having an updated Site-map will ease the process of indexing new articles.

We have many SEO plugins for creating and updating your Sitemap but Yoast SEO plugin is the best. Because it comes with many more handy SEO features.

Here is the Complete guide to update Site-maps using Yoast.

2.Check For Image Optimization

Optimizing Images on your site can bring down the page load time by a greater extent.

We have lots of free plugins to do the same.

But, just installing these Image optimization plugins won’t fully guarantee that they optimize all the uploaded images.

So, it’s better to spend some time on checking whether all the images are optimized or not. I recommend you to use WP Smush plugin for optimization work.

 WordPress Maintenance Tasks services

Here is the Complete guide to Optimize images using a plugin.

3.Find and Fix 404 Errors

The  404 Error shows up when the web page you are trying to reach could not be found on the server.

These 404 errors tend to provide bad user experience to a site’s visitors.

So, consider fixing these 404 errors if any. To do that first we should know which all pages are showing 404 errors.

To know which pages are showing 404 errors firstly you should go to search console. Then sign in to your account. If this is the first time you are hearing about search console then complete the setup using this guide.

After logging in select your property in search console. Then go to Crawl>Crawl Errors. In this page, you will find all 404 errors in the bottom of the page as shown below. WordPress Maintenance Tasks services

Once you find those pages either you can delete those pages from the index or you can add redirection using simple plugins like Redirection.

4.Check For Proper Backup

With tons of hackers trying to hack into WordPress sites having a backup will be great.

But just installing a backup plugin might not be sufficient.

Because even the auto-updating plugins might stop without notifying the site’s owner. If a site’s backup isn’t working and then if hack happens then all the hard work is gone.

So, try checking whether all your backups are taking place regularly. If you are new and in search of a plugin to backup then I recommend UpdraftPlus.

Here is the complete guide to Install UpdarftPlus to your site.

5.Remove All Spam Comments and Emails

Once your blog starts reaching out to your potential visitors you will find lot’s of comments and mail coming in.

But don’t think all those are from your visitors. There will be a huge share of spam comments and emails you will receive.

The worst part of these spam comments and emails are they had become medium for transferring malware to the target location.

 WordPress Maintenance Tasks services

Usually, these spam messages contain links to harmful sites which upon clicking might infect your site’s health.

So, consider deleting spam messages regularly in order keep your site healthy.

We have many free plugins for detecting and deleting spam messages. But I personally recommend you to use Akismet plugin where it automatically detects spam messages and place it in a separate folder.

Here is the complete guide to install and activate Akismet plugin.

6.Run Regular Performance Tests

According to a recent survey, people won’t wait for more than 3 seconds to load a web page.

So, optimizing the web page can boost your site’s traffic by a good number.

But when it comes to optimizing a webpage for performance you need to look into:

  • Optimizing CSS delivery
  • Enabling browser caching
  • Minifying resources

I know if you are new here then all the above terms might frighten you. Don’t worry it’s easy.

In WordPress, we have lots of free plugins to do all the above-mentioned tasks with one click. I personally recommend using a W3 Total Cache plugin to fully optimize your site.

Here is the step-by-step guide for installing W3 Total Cache Plugin.

7.Run on Latest

If you are running on latest version of WordPress then you can be sure that your site is secure from latest security threats.

All minor WordPress will take place automatically but for major updates, you should do it manually.

When it comes to themes and plugins there is no auto-update feature. So you should check for updates by visiting your site’s dashboard.

 WordPress Maintenance Tasks services

Few security plugins like Wordfence notify the admin if any update is released.

8.Find and Fix all Broken-links

A broken link is a link on a website which is linked to an empty or non-existent external web page.

These broken-links tend to deliver a bad user experience to visitors.

Since Google considers user experience as the important factor while ranking a post in search results, the bad user experience will result in a decrease in page rank.

 WordPress Maintenance Tasks services

So, consider replacing all broken links with new links.To do that first we should find out all broken link on our site.

That can be done using a chrome extension Check my links. If you run that application upon installing it, you can find all invalid links on your site.

Once you find all the invalid links try replacing them with new ones.

Check out this complete guide to find all broken-links on any site.

9.Clean Junk from your database

If you write a post or upload an image to your site, everything will be stored in your site’s database.

As time proceeds more and more data starts accumulating in our database and it results in slowing down your site.

So, optimizing the data present in your database is very much important.

I recommend you to use a WP-sweep plugin for this work to clean junk from your database and it does provide great WordPress maintenance service.

Check out this post learn how to optimize your database using WP-sweep.

10.Stay Updated With Security

You might have worked so hard producing best posts. But if you compromise on security then all your work will go wasted.

 WordPress Maintenance Tasks services

If you notice that your site is slowing down or your site rankings are going down then you should confirm that your site is not hacked.

You check whether your site is hacked or not from isithacked.com.

You should check out all the login attempts frequently and make sure all are from you.

Check out this post to develop a strong firewall to site.

Final Words

As we reached the end of this article I hope you realized how important these WordPress maintenance services are.

So, consider performing these WordPress maintenance tasks regularly in order to deliver good user experience.

I hope you liked the article, do leave your valuable comments below.You can follow us on Facebook, Google+ and StumbleUpon.

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